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La Perla Adventure Amazon Cruise

Comfort and contact with nature

To sail in La Perla is to experience the authentic Amazon; to embark on a trip to the most intimate depths of the jungle; to feel the magic of a unique adventure that will take you to discover virgin and unexplored corners; a journey that will connect you directly with the immensity of nature, where nothing matters more than what is authentic on the planet and, above all, what is authentic in oneself.

Magic is a constant in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, every being, every corner, has an essence to discover and only those who have lived and studied the Amazon over the years can understand and transmit it. Our expert naturalist guides aboard La Perla, with more than 20 years in the area, are the best hands to take to discover the infinity of the Peruvian Amazon; leading as you feel the culture and the Amazonian life in your own skin .

La Perla is a boat conceived with the comfort in mind of a traveler who wants to enter the heart of the Amazon jungle, arriving at virgin spots that possess their own magic. Its small draft allows to visit places that are difficult to access and where not all the boats can navigate.

Auxiliary boats with outboard motor are the ideal complement to reach the most remote areas of the Amazon, allowing you to navigate to lagoons, narrow canals, streams, and flooded forests.

Rest and relaxation also have their space aboard La Perla. Its outdoor hammock area is a privileged space from which to enjoy the Amazonian breeze while contemplating the sunset or where to recharge your batteries after an excursion to the confines of the jungle.


The Amazonian journeys, with the help of our expert guides, form part of the most genuine way to get close up to the fauna and flora of the Amazon, discovering and feeling in our own skin the cultures built around the waters of the river.

The itineraries are based on raining / high water seasons and drought / low water, and may vary according to variations in climate. All activities are optional and are made 2 to 3 times a day.

Among the activities included in the itineraries are swimming with dolphins, fishing for piranhas at dusk, skirting the river banks in search of creatures, bird watching, hiking, and visits to communities.

la-perla-cruise Departure: Sunday
The most complete way to know the most authentic corners of the Amazon and its surroundings. Seven days and six nights to cross the waters of the largest river in the world and walk among wild vegetation...
la-perla-cruise Departure. Sunday
Four days and three nights to discover the immensity of the Amazon River. Enter into the deepest jungle and get to know, first hand, all the peculiarities of the Amazon and its surroundings.
la-perla-cruise Departure: Wednesday
Embark on a unique tour of the Amazon. Four days and three nights to discover the immensity of a land where nature draws amazing landscapes and life takes unpredictable forms....


La Perla has 14 cabins with exterior views and are fully equipped. All rooms are air-conditioned and have a private bathroom.


standar_cabinStandard Cabins

The 14m² standard cabins are distributed between the first and second decks and have windows to the outside that allow the Amazon light to enter the room. Your private bathroom with shower allows travelers the privacy they need for all the comfort of your trip.
Equipped with air-conditioning.

  • Desk, wardrobe, chest of drawers, hair dryer, and basket with amenities.
  • 100% Peruvian pima cotton bed linen.
  • Private bathroom with shower.
  • Smoke detectors and hot water 24 hours a day.
  • Windows with an outside view.


Cabins with amazon view

La Perla has two 16m² cabins overlooking the Amazon. These are located on the second deck of the boat and give the traveler access to a balcony shared between both, where they can admire the magic of the Amazon.

  • Equipped with air-onditioning.
  • Desk, wardrobe, chest of drawers, hair dryer, and basket with amenities.
  • 100% Peruvian pima cotton bed linen.
  • Private bathroom with shower.
  • Smoke detectors and hot water 24 hours a day.
  • Exterior views and independent access to shared balcony.


Superior cabins

La Perla has 20m² 3 cabins located on the first and second deck offering the traveler a wide panoramic view. Through the windows of these rooms you can discover all the secrets of the Amazon. It is possible to equip these rooms with an additional bed, which makes them the ideal option for families.

  • Equipped with air conditioning.
  • Desk, wardrobe, chest of drawers, hair dryer and basket with amenities.
  • 100% Pima Peruvian cotton bed linen.
  • Private bathroom with shower.
  • Possibility of installing an additional bed at the request of the traveler.
  • Smoke detectors and hot water 24 hours a day.
  • Panoramic views to the outside.

The dining room of La Perla gives rise to an explosion of flavors in recipes from all over the world. The traveler can find typical Peruvian dishes aboard the cruise ship, but also Oriental, Italian, and American options—-all prepared with fresh produce.

The culinary experience in the dining room of La Perla perfectly combines flavors and landscapes. The views of the Amazon makes sure that you don’t miss out on any view around the cruise ship during mealtime.

The bar on board also allows you to enjoy an exclusive cocktail prepared with exotic fruits from the Amazon jungle, as well as other typical drinks of the area.

Relaxation and resting also have their space aboard La Perla. The observation deck is a privileged spot from which to admire the spectacle formed by nature around the river. The immensity of nature, wrapped around our journey through the Amazon, makes the authenticity of it all the only thing that matters.

Interior Lounge

Our interior lounge offers a plus of comfort to those travelers who decide to take a break in their adventure along the Amazon. An air-conditioned space that makes sure you will not lose out on anything going on in the jungle around you, thanks to the large windows that make up its walls, offering an almost panoramic view of the landscape. In this area you will find books that will help you learn more about the Amazon and its surroundings.

Exterior Lounge

The outdoor lounge is a unique spot from which to watch the sun fall over the river while enjoying one of the drinks typical of the culture.

Hammock area

The outdoor hammock area of La Perla is a unique place where you can feel the caress of the Amazonian air in your face. Breathing becomes an inexplicable experience in a space dedicated to relaxation and contemplation— a space where you can let yourself go in the confines of a land that seems to never end, while the movement of the waters cradles you.

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