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How to get to Iquitos

Iquitos is an island

Did you know that the city of Iquitos is surrounded by water? That means it’s an island. There are several lakes or “cochas” that are surrounding the city, but there are 3 main rivers: the Itaya, Nanay, and the best known for all is the Amazon River. By not having roads that join Iquitos with the rest of the country, the Amazon River is the main route of transport and river commerce, and is a substantial part of the economy of Iquitos City. To get to Iquitos via river boat to Iquitos would take several days. But if you are one of those who are looking for adventure, the river boat option is always open!

Get to Iquitos by flying

The main way to get to Iquitos is by plane. The duration of a flight from Lima to Iquitos is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Not bad, is it? For years, flying has been the fastest and safest route that connects Iquitos to the world. Francisco Vigneta International Airport, Iquitos’s airport, has many national departures and arrivals daily. It’s easy to fly to Iquitos!

Open to the world

Not long ago, new flight connections directly to Cuzco opened up. In the past, all flights from Iquitos to Cuzco were routed through Lima. This new alternative allows tourists easier connections to see the two wonders of the world, Machu Picchu and the majestic Amazon River!

Here we show you which routes you could take depending on your starting point, and the time of year:

  • Lima-Iquitos (LATAM, Peruvian Airlines, Star Peru, Viva Air)
  • Cuzco-Iquitos (LATAM Airlines)
  • Tarapoto-Iquitos (LATAM, Peruvian Airlines, Star Peru, Viva Air)
  • Pucallpa-Iquitos (Peruvian Airlines, Star Peru)

These new flight options even connect other countries, by means of routes that shorten the distance, between Cuzco to Iquitos and the Amazon River jungle for a perfect trip. Even more possibilities!

  • Santiago de Chile-Cuzco-Iquitos (LATAM Airlines)
  • La Paz-Cuzco-Iquitos (Peruvian Airlines)
  • Bogotá-Cuzco-Iquitos (Avianca Airlines)

Come to the Amazon River Jungle. Get to know Iquitos. Venture into our resort Heliconia Amazon Lodge, or enjoy the experience of comfort on a luxury cruise.

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* The frequency of flights depends on the airline.