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7 Nights Cruise Itinerary

Rainy / High Water Season

November – May

Eight days and seven nights to live the heart of the Amazon—to delve into the immense diversity of the Peruvian jungle and allow yourself to be seduced by the charm of a land where you will only find the purest authenticity of life. You will discover species of plants and animals that you did not even know existed, the ways of life of the native cultures, and the flavors of all the fruits of the Amazon. The Pacaya Samiria Reserve will not only be an adventure that takes you back to the most authentic nature, but also will take to yourself—to your authentic self. You will find a plethora of new revitalizing experiences via jungle treks fishing, bird watching, exploration in the Yacapana Islands, watching dolphins from up close, visits to local villages, the jungle of mirrors, nocturnal wildlife safaris and a visit to the Manatee Rescue Center and many other additional activities that where you will get to know and fall in love with the Amazon.





The itineraries are subject to change due to weather conditions at certain times of the year. The water levels of the rivers also vary from time to time, as well as the hours of sailing. Excursions may be modified at the discretion of the Zafiro crew.

The weather in Iquitos is warm and humid and the temperature varies between 33 °C (90 °F) and 21 °C (70 °F).The rainy (high water) season is from November to May. The dry (low water) season is from June to October. Each season boasts dramatic difference in plants, animals, and weather.

Light clothing and breathable cloth, blouses, long-sleeved shirts, swimwear, shoes with soft rubber sole for the boat (rubber boots and rain ponchos are provided by us), cardigan or long-sleeved shirts, wind resistant jackets. The days are hot and humid while the night breeze is cool.

Insects & Mosquitoes
We recommend taking Vitamin B or B-15 a few days before arrival to the jungle. These vitamins are the best natural repellent against insect bites. Also, do not forget to bring conventional repellent and cream for bites.
Note: Please note that changes and adjustments in the itinerary may occur due to weather conditions, river conditions, and/or airline issues. We suggest that you coordinate with anticipation with the airline or travel agency through which you have organized your journey with us. Jungle Experiences is not responsible for such contingencies.

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Day 1 - Saturday:

Iquitos – Amazon River

    After your flight to the capital of the Peruvian Amazon, our guides will meet you at the Iquitos airport—waiting for you with a sign with the name of Jungle Experiences. We will then go to the Doubletree by Hilton Iquitos Hotel, the meeting point, to receive your first briefing about the trip and where you will enjoy a delicious welcome lunch. Then you will be transported by a private vehicle to the main dock of the city of Iquitos to board El Zafiro, your home for the following seven nights.   Boarding El Zafiro. Our staff will take you to your elegant suite, specially equipped with all the comforts for an experienced traveler like you. Comfortable beds, sheets made from pure Peruvian pima cotton, pillows, cotton bathrobes, air conditioning, a private bathroom with a beautifully accentuated walk-in shower, amenities, and a private balcony in each suite on the second deck. During the next eight days El Zafiro will sail the Amazon, the Ucayali and Maranon rivers and their impressive tributaries full of wildlife.   While El Zafiro begins its initial navigation, you can enjoy the most fantastic panoramic views from the observation area that is elegantly equipped for your enjoyment and located on our third deck. Enjoy the fantastic panoramic view from our elegant indoor and outdoor lounge that is also located on the third deck. Our bartender will be waiting for you to serve you an exotic cocktail prepared with fruits from the region and pisco, the national liquor of Peru. Before the welcome dinner, your naturalist guides will give you an overview of the travel program, activities, routes, important moments, wildlife and vegetation, the geographical and historical background, and other useful details. If you have any questions or doubts, our guides will always be readily available to help you.   Our boats have an open-door policy so you are welcome if you want to learn about navigation systems and spend time with the captain in charge at any time.   Welcome dinner. Begin your trip with one of our fine South American wines accompanied by excellent Peruvian gastronomy prepared with a delicious Amazonian-influence.   (Our menu offers several options, including a vegetarian option - please let us know of any special food requirements in advance).   After dinner, we invite you to the third deck where you can a spectacular view of the stars as we enter the depths of the Amazon rainforest, or relax with live music by our band on board and enjoy a varied repertoire of Amazonian, national, and international music.

Day - 2 Sunday:

Amazon River - Yanayacu de Yacapana - Nacimiento del Amazonas - Nauta Creek  -  Puerto Prado Community-  Marañón River

  Before breakfast, we will take part in our first activity: Birdwatching. We will travel aboard our comfortable expedition boats to the native reserve of Kukama (Yanayacu de Yacapana): an exotic place with around 17 blackwater lakes, abundant wildlife and home to the indigenous communities of Ayacucho and San Juan. Life-jackets, rain ponchos, rubber boots, and lots of cold water are always available aboard the expedition boats. During this activity, you can observe all kinds of birds such as herons, swallows, macaws and more. On this excursion we will also have the opportunity to see another type of wildlife such as the monk monkey, lion monkey, iguanas, sloth, mama vieja and we will learn more about nature.   Return to El Zafiro, breakfast on board. Our breakfast buffet offers a wide selection of traditional dishes, Peruvian specialties, homemade baked goods and freshly prepared fresh juices.   After breakfast, we will start to explore the Yanayacu area of ​​Yacapana or Isla de Yacapana, better known as Isla de las Iguanas. We will be ready to identify different species of this area. We will continue the expedition aboard our comfortable boats to the confluence of the Marañón and Ucayali rivers; where these two rivers join giving rise to the birth of the great "Amazon River", at this point we can see the famous pink dolphins.   Return to El Zafiro and lunch. The ship begins to sail on the Marañón River. After lunch, we will have a talk on Amazonian philosophy. Our guides will present us with the idiosyncrasies, beliefs and deep thoughts of the Amazonian population; like the spirituality that is everywhere and not only in human beings.   Expedition of Nauta Creek In the afternoon, we will leave in the expedition boats towards Nauta Creek inside the Pacaya Samiria reserve. We will discover the jungle of the mirrors and sharpen our senses to locate toucans, parrots, macaws, iguanas, sloths and monkeys on the top of the trees. We will go on a hike through the community of Puerto Prado, where we can admire the largest aquatic plant in the world, giant water lilies, or "Victoria Regias". Return to El Zafiro and live music. We will enjoy the colors of the sunset as they fall over the waters on the way back to El Zafiro. Once on the boat, we can enjoy a live music concert held by our local band accompanied by an exquisite cocktail. Dinner on board. Optional night boat ride. At nightfall, we will take an optional boat ride that will allow us to enjoy the constellations while the naturalist guides look for alligators, tarantulas and snakes.

Day 3 - Monday:

Yanayacu De Pucate -  Laguna de Japón - Yanayaquillo - San Regis - Amazonian Natural Park

    Yanayacu de Pucate and exploration of Yanayaquillo. We will visit different lakes and lagoons aboard our expedition boats. The guide will use his expert eye to point out all the biodiversity of the region to reach the Laguna de Japón. There we will have our picnic breakfast and enjoy one of the best preserved and protected areas of the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. This area is popular for watching pink dolphins. Before returning to El Zafiro, we will take a hike and continue the exploration towards the Yanaquillo Ravine, which crosses towards the Marañón River and we will search for toucans, camungos, blue-billed herons, kingfishers, gray herons, parrots and more. Return to El Zafiro to enjoy a delicious lunch followed by a time for rest and relaxation. Departure by kayak. We will experience the waters of the Amazon up-close by swimming next to the pink dolphins.   In the afternoon, enjoy a small presentation about geographical orientation in our indoor air- conditioned lounge. Learn about the hydrography of the rivers to explore sustainable species according to the natural resources of the area.   Expedition in the Amazonian Natural Park. Afternoon-night excursion where you will have a short walk through the forest and the hanging bridges of this beautiful park full of colorful birds, where you can admire the beautiful jungle from the canopy of the trees that make up the bridges. Return to El Zafiro and dinner. We will recuperate our strength with a dinner on board El Zafiro.

Day 4 - Tuesday:

Marañón River – San Regis -  Shiriyacu

  Expedition to the community of San Regis. After breakfast we will visit the community of San Regis. We will meet the genuine and welcoming inhabitants of this Amazonian community through our guides, who will act as interpreters. We will have the opportunity to buy crafts made by these same inhabitants and to exchange smiles with the smallest of the area.   We will walk through the jungle to meet the shaman of the community and learn about the complementary medicine of the Amazon and the ancestral traditions. This experience will give you the opportunity to formulate questions that you would like to ask the shaman and learn a little more about the ancestral traditions for healing the soul. After living an experience with the shaman, we will participate in the tree planting ceremony and contribute to the environment.   Return to El Zafiro and lunch. Lunch will be the best time to charge your batteries again and prepare to continue discovering the Amazon rainforest. Followed by a talk about the Amazon, learn where the name of the Amazon comes from, and about the flora and flora that inhabit it.   In the afternoon, we will explore the Shiriyacu stream. We will discover this hundred-year-old lake that houses an ample supply of good fish, including red-bellies and freshwater sardines. We will look for a space to fish for the famous piranhas while using local equipment and techniques. It will be an exciting experience.   Return to El Zafiro. On the way back to El Zafiro, our guides will use special torches to locate wild nocturnal animals.   Dinner on board. Once on board the ship,  we will enjoy a comforting dinner.  

Day 5 - Wednesday:

Nauta – Laguna Sapi Sapi - Casual

  Visit Nauta City. Very early we will board the expedition boats to head towards the city of Nauta, the second most important city in the region. Upon reaching Nauta, you will board the most common local transportation in the area ¨the motorcycle taxis¨ which will take you on a tour of the entire city until you reach the most important market in the city. Together with the guides, we will visit the market and learn how to trade in the area, as well as learn about the different important foods and ingredients we use in the Amazon.     Return to El Zafiro for breakfast. Take a moment to reenergize for a new adventure. After breakfast, we will visit the Laguna de Sapi Sapi, where paiche is cultivated, the second largest freshwater fish in the world. You will be able to observe a different habitat, surrounded by banana palms and seasonal fruit trees There we can also see charapita turtles, butterflies, different birds and different fish that live in this lagoon. We will enjoy a typical landscape of a jungle city and a warm and pleasant climate.   Return to El Zafiro and early lunch. We will share a lunch prepared with local products. Talk about myths and legends. One of our naturalist guides will explain about the origin of myths and legends from the animist point of view.     Evening excursion. Exploration towards the Casual area in search of wildlife such as poison dart frogs, colorful frogs and more. Walk on dry land until you reach the area of giant trees known as avatar.   At nightfall, you will hear the impressive symphony in the Amazon forest, while nocturnal animals emit their piercing ¨sounds and calls¨ along the canopies of trees. Back to El Zafiro, special torches will help your naturalist guides locate alligators, tarantulas and more.   Once aboard El Zafiro, you will enjoy a relaxing dinner, paired with a delicious wine while enjoying the company your table companions.

Day 6 - Thursday:

Birth of the Amazon – Vista Alegre – Yarapa – Piraña Creek

    Before breakfast we will head towards the expedition boats and then we will be in route to the confluence of the Marañón and Ucayali rivers; in this union there is the birth of the majestic Amazon River—the perfect place to see different types of birds and the famous pink dolphins. Return to El Zafiro, to enjoy a full and delicious breakfast     View the Vista Alegre Community. After breakfast, we will visit the community of Vista Alegre, where we will meet the inhabitants of this Amazonian community through our guides, who will act as interpreters. We will have a culinary demonstration by a local inhabitant, who will expand his knowledge about the local cooking techniques of this community. Before returning to El Zafiro, we will visit the Vista Alegre butterfly farm project, where you will learn about butterflies in the Amazon and their importance to the environment.   Return to El Zafiro and lunch. Once aboard El Zafiro we will share a new lunch and take some time to rest.     Expedition to the Yarapa River. After lunch, we will continue exploring the waterways in the expedition boats— sailing towards the place where the pink and gray freshwater dolphins swim. We will take a walk in Yarapa, where you will have an unforgettable experience looking for wild life enjoying the incredible panorama that the jungle has to offer. We will continue exploring until we reach Piraña Creek,one of the first tributaries of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. This area is excellent for piranha fishing.   Return to El Zafiro to enjoy a delicious dinner.   Later, we will make a nocturnal excursion in search of black caimans, fireflies, tarantulas, snakes and countless specimens that I have never seen before.

Day 7 - Friday:

Yanayacu de Yacapana –Amazon River – Zona Tamishacu

    Breakfast. We will start the day with a full breakfast on board El Zafiro.   Expedition to Yanayacu de Yacapana. After breakfast we will continue exploring the water paths in the expedition boats in search of monkeys such as the capuchin monkey, choros monkeys, marmosets and other primates. We will enjoy a unique landscape of the tropical humid forest, in which we will explain the arboreal species in the riverbanks and aquatic plants and their function within the environment. Also, during the expedition, the guides will sharpen their senses to locate the sloths in the trees, macaws that fly over the area, the curious dolphins that gather near the confluences, and whirlpools of fish formed by the river currents. During the tour you will find fishermen and residents in different activities with which they will interact and show us the fruits of their day's activities.     Return to El Zafiro. While El Zafiro continues to sail, we will have a cooking demonstration by our Chef where we will learn first-hand about the local cuisine and taste the Amazonian culinary art.   Amazon River Expedition. After lunch, we will explore the Amazon River. Wildlife sighting. We will admire the creatures that inhabit the banks of the Amazon River.   Return to El Zafiro. Once on board, the ship will continue its course downstream, sailing towards Iquitos through the night. We will have a small information session in the interior lounge and recapitulation of the itinerary. Dinner.   After dinner, your naturalist guides will introduce you to the crew members you may not have met during the trip.

Day 8 - Saturday:

Check Out – Desembarkment in Iquitos - Manati Rescue Center- Transporte al Aeropuerto

  Before breakfast you will have your last boat trip to the Bellavista Market, during the tour we will admire the houseboats. Exhibition and tasting of local products.   Return to El Zafiro to share the last breakfast with the passengers before their trip back home. Disembarkation.     On the way to the airport, you will visit the Amazon Rescue Center (CREA), where biologists and volunteers take care of the endangered species of manatees that the authorities have rescued. See how the manatees are cared for, and prepared for their reintroduction to their natural habitat.There are also other animals that have been rescued from captures with the intention of turning them into pets and other dangerous conditions. Check-in at the international airport of Iquitos. Your guides will assist you with the Check-in and the departure formalities to board your return flight.
Price per person in USD 2024
First Deck Suite $ 7,500
Second Deck Suite $ 7,800
Master Suite $ 8,500
Zafiro Suite $ 9,800
  • Rates are expressed in US Dollars, per person, based on double occupancy.
  • Single Supplement is 20% in addition to the adult rate.
  • Child policy: 7 years old minimum on all departure. Children aged 11 or under are eligible for a 50% discount from the adult rate. Children must be accompanied for one or two adults in the same suite maximum one child per suite adult rate. The Zafiro suite accepts 2 children maximum.
  • Requirement for boarding: present vaccination Card and negative COVID test, PCR with 72 hours or antigen with 48 hours in advance, must be sent prior to boarding.
  Rate Inclusions:
  • 1 night accommodation Hotel - City of Iquitos. (Only 8D/7N and 5D/4N Itineraries).
  • Lunch is included before embarkation time in our hotel Double tree by Hilton Iquitos.
  • All meals while on board MV Zafiro.
  • All excursions & equipment (including rubber boots & rain ponchos).
  • Transfers from / to the airport on the recommended flights. In case the passengers stay in Iquitos city hotels– please inform the sales & reservations department to coordinate the pick up or drop off service.
  • Entrance fee to Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve.
  • Natural juices, soda, coffee, tea, water and national alcoholic beverages of the house.
Rate Exclusions:
  • Domestic flights.
  • Cost of medical emergencies (including evacuation).
  • Tipping guidelines. On board Zafiro we recommend an amount in the range of US $20 - $30 per passenger per night for the crew (to be divided among all the crew members) and between US $7 - $10 per passenger per night for the guides. * Please note that these amounts are suggested levels of gratuities and that this is entirely at the discretion of our guests aboard the vessels.
  • Any additional transportation services.
  • Any additional bar consumptions
BOOKING POLICIES Bookings and payment for Fit For Bookings made 71days or more prior to the boarding date:
  • A deposit of US$600 per person is required to confirm the reservation.
  • Full payment must be cancelled 70 days before the boarding date. In case the full payment is not received on time, the reservation(s) will be automatically canceled.
For Reservations made during 70 days prior to the boarding date:
  • Full payment is required to confirm the reservation.
  CANCELLATION POLICIES Fit Cancellation Policy: For cancellations made 71 days or more prior to the boarding date:
  • The deposit will be refunded.
For cancellations made during the 70 days prior to boarding date:
  • There is not refund, the client may reschedule the trip with no Addittional charge for one single time.
  • The total payment will be rescheduled according to the new boarding date; it must always be canceled 70 days before the boarding date.
  • In case of rescheduling the trip for boarding dates during the year 2023, no fare difference will be applied.
** In case a guest tests COVID positive or gets sick, making travel impossible, the option to reschedule travel is provided as long as it within the next 12 months from the original departure date. A medical certifícate must be presented.