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what to pack

What to Pack, What to bring


A trip to the Amazon rainforest is the trip of a lifetime. It’s the kind of adventure that most people only dream about. The Amazon is known as “the greatest expression of life on Earth”.

Now you’ve decided to set out on such an Amazon expedition, the next step is to think about what to pack for these rainforest climates and conditions. It’s a good idea to have an overview of the types of some things you’ll need to pack for a hike in the jungle or on an Amazon River cruise.



Keep your luggage to a comfortable minimum. Number one on the list is to bring a valid passport! Safari quick-dry clothes or drip-dry cotton—including a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and sweater or pull-over. Also pack hiking shoes or sneakers with good treads, (the paths of the jungle are often with mud, so shoes get wet and muddy), raincoat or plastic poncho. Include insect repellent, medications, toiletries, sunglasses, sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, binoculars, sandals, and a bathing suit. It’s wise to take extra clothes and extra socks, as clothing does not dry in the humid rainforest climate. See detailed comments below.

Peru uses 220 volt electricity. Travelers may require a voltage converter for 110 volt devices. Check with your devices for details­­–Apple products use either 110 or 220.


Bring plenty of insect repellant. The only way to prevent mosquito bites in the Amazon rainforest is to use high-DEET containing bug spray. Other mosquito repellents are helpful, but do not have the power of DEET. It’s your choice.



The sun in this part of the world is very strong, you will definitely need a good quality, high SPF sunscreen. Waterproof is best, since you’re likely to get sweaty in the jungle.



The sun is very hot in the jungle, so you’ll need to wear long sleeve shirts and pants to protect you from the sun, and also from the mosquitos when hiking deep into the jungle. Make sure the shirts and pants are light-colored, as mosquitos are attracted to dark colors. Clothing should be breathable and loose-fitting, as mosquitos will bite through tight fitted clothes.



Sunburn relief, painkillers/Tylenol, diarrhea/Pepto-Bismol medication, hand sanitizer, lip balm, sunscreen and band-aids. Bring Hydrocortisone cream Benadryl cream to sooth mosquito bites. To help prevent medical issues while in the jungle, bring any and all essential medications that you need.



A comfortable backpack/daypack serves not only as a carry-on for all valuable items and medications in the plane, but works well for your jungle hikes, also.



It’s best to leave your valuable jewelry at home to prevent any from getting lost in the remote jungle. It can be uncomfortable wearing rings or bracelets on Amazon expeditions and Amazon River cruise excursions because activities can be physically engaging, and your ring fingers get swollen in the heat.



Don’t forget to save some clean clothes for your plane ride home, as your clothing will be damp from the jungle’s humid climate. It’s a good idea to keep any clean clothes in plastic bags while in your luggage.



Plastic bags and Zip-Loc bags are essential. These bags are perfect to store any electronic devices, medicines, and clothing you want to keep dry (socks, clean clothes). Packing your things in plastic bags not only provides protection from rain, but also from the damp rainforest climate that permeates your clothing and essential items.



Here we have some of the most important considerations regarding rainforest climate which will help you decide what to pack and wear for your cruise:

Plan the majority of clothes for hot weather. But remember to take some warmer clothes for evenings and early morning, as the temperature drops during these times. The quick temperature difference it can feel colder than it actually is, so plan on taking some warmer clothing such as a sweater or pull-over.


If you’ve opted for one of the many luxury cruises, you might also choose to bring some nicer clothing for dining, although there is usually not a strict dress code. In general, pack a choice of clothes dependent on what you are doing—have a set of appropriate clothes for rainforest expeditions on a jungle hike or canoe ride, and then another set of clothing for relaxing aboard the cruise boat.


Buen Viaje!